If Janis Joplin and Clint Eastwood had a child…

Jody Domingue, a Port Arthur, TX native has been behind the lens since childhood. She knew very early that it was her destiny to tell stories through pictures. Her natural talent and incredible eye for lighting made her shine at the Brooks Institute of Santa Barbara with her photographs of famous musicians. One assignment Domingue did was so brilliant, it made its way to a major record label executive who was looking for a fresh take on their artists. Music is the secondary love of her life- having come from the same town as Janis Joplin, her free spirit and deep soul made her consultations with her client easy and productive. Some notable projects include the Music Connection, Guitar Center, and Big Sexy Hair.

Domingue moves fluidly between genres in mainly Los Angeles, Nashville, and music capital of the world, Austin, Texas (where she currently resides). Whether she is fighting her way through a photo pit at a show to get the perfect shot, or on the set of a big production photoshoot she produces exceptional work. Her versatile creative direction, attention to detail, personable southern manners, and no bullshit attitude brings magic to the table. She is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with in the world of photography.

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